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The team at Petrizzo Group knows how to get things done and our clients, from Main Street to Wall Street, hire us to do just that. We use our collective passion, network and expertise to manage risk, deliver results and provide our clients real advantage.

Federal Government Relations

We provide the highest level of individualized government relations strategy and execution based on a commitment to integrity, ethical conduct, and delivering outcomes that ultimately improve bottom-line results. The principals in our firm maintain an exceptional network of personal relationships with government officials and their staffs, coupled with decades of experience influencing policy and legislation. We use our knowledge, our relationships, and our intelligence-gathering capabilities to help you effectively navigate the corridors of power and influence.

Strategic Communications

Stakeholder engagement is an essential investment for every business. Telling your story persuasively is key to achieving your business outcomes and delivering concise messaging to the media, lawmakers and their constituents is critical when seeking to influence policy decisions. More than ever in today's always on, multi-channel world, how you work with the media and other audiences is a critical component of building trust, maintaining reputation, and sustaining license to operate. Our communications team has years of experience as media spokespeople, communications strategists, and master storytellers.

Public Affairs

Petrizzo Group's public affairs veterans draw from years of experience transforming unrefined policy advocacy into sophisticated and rigorously applied campaigns. We understand how politics drive policies and how policies affect people. That is why we complement every lobbying strategy with a public affairs component to bring to the forefront, and ultimately to fruition, your desired outcome. From thought leadership to coalition development to grassroots management, to research and focus groups, we develop and direct public affairs programs.