Expertise Expertise

Health Care & Life Sciences

Given the complexities of the American health care system, as well as the burgeoning life science and medical research sectors, organizations must be increasingly sophisticated with their outreach and engagement strategies to survive, let alone succeed. Petrizzo Group offers deep bench strength to address our clients' policy issues at the highest level, combined with years of experience in related media relations, public affairs efforts to help direct an effective, overarching business strategy.

Technology & Communications

We work with some of the nation's foremost technology and communications companies to deliver results that have transformed their business, opened new doors and resolved complicated regulatory challenges. In addition, we've advised venture capitalists behind leading-edge startups. From driving thought leadership and executive communications to policy leadership and risk management, we understand the nuances in both the B2B and B2C space and bring our expertise to bear from early stage companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Energy & Environmental Policy

Our nation's energy economy continues to undergo a radical transformation. As the world seeks to shift to cleaner sources of energy, state and federal laws and regulatory regimes are changing to meet a host of new standards and objectives. Every energy consumer--from individual households to major industrial energy user--must adapt to these new statutes and mandates. Petrizzo Group principals have been on the leading edge of both the advocacy and policymaking sides of this equation and are adept at assisting clients in designing and executing successful strategies to ensure they are carefully navigating this ever-changing landscape.

Tax & Trade

To keep up with the ever-increasing pace of business, the world seems to become smaller every day. Organizations of all sizes are looking for opportunities, or already operating, across time zones and around the globe. Regardless of the sector or type of transaction, it's likely that governments will impact your work. The Petrizzo Group's principals have years of experience and demonstrable success in advancing smart tax and trade policy. Our proven strategies and influential network of contacts in this space can be quickly deployed to clear the regulatory and policy path between you and realizing your organization's peak potential.

Philanthropists & their Families

Both as in-house executives and as senior consultants, members of the Petrizzo Group team hold decades of experience working as advisors to high-profile philanthropists and their family offices. We pride ourselves on our discretion, candor and ability to effectively navigate complexity, define critical paths and deliver results.